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Hello my name is Madeline and I practise Lomilomi Hāloa Hawaiian Massage.

My journey with Lomilomi Hāloa began in September 2018 at a 10 day retreat. Upon saying Yes to this retreat I had no idea we would be learning this Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork during our journey, but once we started I absolutely loved it and have been inspired to flow with it since. I have worked with my Kumu (Teacher) closely over the past couple years and have attended multiple trainings with her which has helped me to expand my practise. For me, Lomilomi is not just a bodywork technique, but a way of life. I am continuously discovering so much about myself through embodying Lomilomi in my daily life. The treasures found through Lomilomi Hāloa are endless as this work always continues to reveal new things to me.

During my Lomilomi sessions, I provide a sacred space for you to relax into yourself and let go of any stress, worry or tension you may be holding in your mind and body. By holding space in this way and moving with the flow of Lomilomi, this allows you to not only transition into states of being that are more aligned and honouring for yourself, but also assists with clearing subconscious blockages and helps shifts to occur at a cellular level.

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