Martina Di Bella lives on the Gold Coast with her family and has been a certified Hawaiian
Massage Therapist for over 8 years. Currently studying in a Diploma of Remedial Massage
therapy, she has a passion for understanding the body and what it has to teach us, within
the principles of the mind and body connection. Books such as Annette Noontil’s “The Body
is the Barometer of the soul” have and are inspiring Martina to further her studies in
understanding these philosophies and assisting her in holistically treating clients.

So what does a treatment with Martina feel like? Blending her knowledge from the teachings
of the Western world (Remedial), and those of the Eastern (Hawaiian KaHuna), Martina
works intuitively. Knowing the body has the amazing capacity to self heal, the treatment
encourages the nervous system into deep relaxation, aiding the rest and repair state of the
body, triggering self healing. Her technique has been described as an experience, not ‘just a
massage’. With the sweeping flow of the KaHuna, you are taken to the beachside as though
the ocean were right there washing over you. And the focused attention on the
musculoskeletal system from her knowledge in Remedial, means the treatment is all

As a Mother, Partner, Daughter, Sister and friend, she understands the challenges we can
face and the importance of self care. She is devoted in supporting and nurturing your self
care regime, so you leave feeling calm, cared for and rejuvenated. Allow yourself to
surrender to the experience, breathe in, slow down and re-connect to self.

Book in for a treatment now and in-joy the experience. She looks forward to welcoming you

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